Project Description
A Legends of Darkness/Dark Ages Based emulated private server.

A Dark ages (legends of darkness) private emulated server.
This project will follow the lod server (hades) korean version of dark ages ("")

Dark Ages is an online role-playing game set in a fantasy world of faeries and magic. Dark Ages allows you the player to create your own characters choosing their name, gender, hairstyle, hair color, and path. You can battle monsters as a mighty Warrior, protect and heal as a Priest, use powerful magic as a Wizard, use the devious skills of a Rogue, or discover virtue and power with martial arts as a Monk. Once immersed in the world of Dark Ages, you can partake on quests, discover new lands, defeat powerful monsters, collect rare items and much more.

Project is current in early stages of development
as the underlying systems for the lod server are still being developed.

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